About Us

GSI is one of a handful of companies around the world with access to a satellite database that effectively maps the changing behaviour of the world’s resources.

By applying our algorithm-based technology to this information, we’re able to answer detailed questions with a high degree of accuracy about the current performance of land assets, from forestry to rice, grass and wheat crops.

Our system requires to scan only a single plot to determine the type and age of species present as well as the extent of any disease or damage to the entire stock of a forest.

By using machine learning to identify similarities in other plots we can make very accurate predictions about an area of up to 100,000 hectares within days and present finalised data to our clients in a few weeks.

Collecting the same amount of data using LiDar alone would take several months and, using boots on the ground it could take several years by which time the data would be out of date.