Client Services

Without a consistent and reliable inventory of resources the forestry industry can be harmed, resulting in volatility between regions and a failure to maximise jobs and revenues.

Accurate information about the state of forestry is necessary to avoid conflicting estimates by governments and private industry.

GSI can remove anomalous results and  variations between models with an instant analysis of areas that have been affected by natural or manmade disturbances.

We can instantly monitor your land base to calculate growth or disturbance, scrutinise harvesting activities and measure forest health trends to improve sustainability of the industry for future generations.

Our unique process can help to:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your green credentials.
  • Compare how your previous decisions have impacted forestry in the past.
  • Reduce your analysis costs by monitoring more attributes over greater areas.
  • Integrate data with current models and systems.
  • Enable you to have a more holistic approach to forest management.
  • Eliminate a lag effect in current Forest Resources Inventory (FRI).