Auditors and Regulators

As an auditor, you’re faced with a difficult challenge in gathering sufficient independent information, often in unknown areas and within a tight timeframe to discover if a company or forestry management unit is playing by the rules.

A forest might be over harvested, resulting in damage to the environment or to wildlife, or under harvested, meaning that its full economic benefits won’t be realised.

Currently you rely on estimates and guesswork which can often lead to mistakes, resulting in companies losing their accreditation or you potentially losing your audit license. GSI can help auditors and regulators by:

  • Providing a true picture of the health of a forest to determine if a licensee is operating within the parameters of their forest management plan (FMP).
  • Compare data sets from previous years to give accurate growth rates for the current year.
  • Getting through more forest audits in less time.
  • Covering areas that may not be feasible to analyse using traditional means in the timeframe allowed.
  • Allowing for analysis that is otherwise cost prohibitive.
  • Analysing more data using less storage and energy.
  • Freeing up your time to allow you to spend it on other requirements of the audit.