LiDAR Operators/GIS Specialists

LiDAR management represents only a snapshot in time after which interpretation can be a long and arduous process and accuracy can suffer.

Some organisations find the cost of flying LiDAR over their entire land base prohibitively expensive. As a result, they will restrict their use of the service to once every 5 years, or not use it at all, leading to further problems with accuracy which impacts on their revenues.

Our services offer additional value when used in conjunction with LiDAR because:

  • There’s no requirement to fly planes every time a client’s inventory needs updated
  • They can be used to integrate LiDAR data with other available data very quickly. Planes don’t need to fly every year reducing costs.
  • Overviews of large areas can be taken quickly identifying smaller areas for further analysis.
  • Fewer flying hours are required, thereby improving your green credentials, operating costs and reducing your environmental impact.
  • We can provide inventory data on intervening years as clients are unlikely to pay for LiDAR every year on the same area.
  • We can analyse much larger areas than has previously been possible at lower cost
  • Our data is in a format familiar to clients with less manual interpretation needed.
  • We offer a range of pricing options dependent your requirements.