Timber Investment Management Organisations (TIMOs)

As a TIMO, you can waste large amounts of time and money on due diligence for investment opportunities that never see the light of day. Buyers and sellers often disagree on inventory details and, because there’s no mutually, independently derived baseline from which to negotiate, many deals fall through.

It’s costly to get asset updates other than growth models, which present the same problems with reliability and agreement. Forest blocks are normally too large or remote to conduct an accurate timber appraisal.

Similarly, bad acquisitions can lead to a loss of liquidity as assets grow to financial maturity.

GSI can solve those problems because:

  • With our services, there’s no time/cost associated with planes/surveys.
  • We can provide highly accurate data on multiple areas for comparison quickly and cost effectively.
  • Our reporting requires no specialist skills or manual analysis and we can share it with investors while reducing costs.
  • We can determine differing harvest maturities instantaneously, ensuring a diversified portfolio while reducing financial risk and increasing profit.
  • We can determine the financial maturity of timber providing accurate data on when to harvest at the right time to ensure the greatest return on investment (ROI).
  • We can instantly insulate investments from downturns when price volatility is predicted in markets (pulp and paper vs timber)
  • We can ensure supply contracts will be fulfilled as well as best and worst-case scenarios