Forest Inventories

Meaningful inventory of forest resources can now be
undertaken cost-effectively across a land area as extensive as Canada the US or
Europe. Gathering accurate and cost-effective up-to- date data inventory
information has been a challenge until now. Affordable solutions enabling
complete coverage has not been possible due to cost restrictions. Such
information is essential to understand the state of our forests and to our ability
to report on these resources at regional, territorial and national levels.

Forest value chain

GSI-Timber is a cost effective, quick and accurate
management tool that supports more strategic understanding of large scale
forestry and natural resources at a tactical level. We understand that some data
can be inaccurate and outdated due to simple factors such as base modelling for
tree measurements and sampling intensity.

We have been able to develop a new integrated system for forest management
which can significantly improve both the quality and transparency of
measurements, estimations of timber resources and the optimisation thereof,
implementing a data mining process from all data available through different
sources such as LiDar, geo-referenced ground plot or drone. We can use
historical data sets to update the inventory process within a fraction of the time
and cost.