What we do

GSI has a unique methodology for processing huge data sets (Big Data) to generate more valuable information than is available through other data processing services. Its innovation is in the use of machine learning software to extract information from the input data; this is then passed through an equally innovative process in order to speed up the application of machine learning to the data sets. Without this, the method would not be viable in practice because it would require months of computer time to process. The algorithms at the heart of the innovation generate new layers of information and accuracy not available from other systems. GSI has chosen to prioritise the geospatial data made available from satellite imagery for use in the natural resources information sector, starting with forestry.

GSI sells its service to clients using a process tailored closely to the client’s needs, based on the ability of its proprietary technology to read satellite imagery. GSI’s commitment is to address the client’s requirements faster, more accurately and at lower cost than any alternative supplier of data analytics, thereby freeing up time for the client’s expert staff and reducing costs by providing a robust, expert and affordable analysis of forest inventory. This is made possible by the unique use of machine learning combined with high speed satellite data processing systems and based upon its deep expertise and knowledge of the forestry industry.