Regional Government – North America

The Ministry of Forestry at a regional government in North America asked GSI to deliver a trial inventory in an area of provincial forest, covering some 5000 hectares as a comparison to conventional systems.

Officials had previously used standard inventory methods to calculate softwood stocks in terms of species and volume distribution which can provide inaccurate data in some areas due to the sampling strategy

Forestry is the largest industry in the area, covering some 34million hectares. The commercial forest zone makes up around a third of that, of which 5.3million hectares is classified as productive forest land, available for commercial timber harvesting.

With 10 major manufacturers producing lumber, pulp and panels, and over 250 small forest businesses producing a variety of products, the success of forestry is essential to the local economy.

In normal market conditions, the forest industry generates over $1.3 billion in product sales, more than $900 million in exports and 16,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The government needed quickly to determine the volume and value of their forest stock and within four weeks we were able to provide an inventory of all of their growing assets broken down by species, volume and area. We were able to identify precisely how much of each species there was and where they were located.