US-based forest management company

A US-based forest management company which helps clients manage, identify and quantify natural resources on their lands.  Its team of foresters, ecologists, wildlife biologists, and analysts require high quality data and information to allow their customers – including government departments and private companies – to develop and implement long term forestry management plans.

The company asked GSI to take part in a pilot study to help improve its existing inventory data on an area of forestry that included a mix of Pine, Hardwood and Cyprus trees. It wanted to analyse a wider area than it had done in the past and wanted to reduce field work and costs.

The company provided us with 1841 ‘ground points’ and 14 ‘forest attribute values’ in a plot of land measuring ~26,000ha. Using this information, we were able to extrapolate data across a significantly wider area of forest.

We were able to demonstrate that 95% of the area covered was populated Pine. As no real accuracy statistic could robustly be applied to the proportion of Hardwood or Cyprus in the remaining 5%, we agreed to take part in a more in-depth analysis at a later date.

Worker in helmet counts wood lumber