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Get to Know Us

Who we are

Global Surface Intelligence is an Edinburgh-based earth observation and artificial-intelligence-as-a-service provider.  We are a uniquely  focused data refinery company, with deep roots in environmental sciences, harnessing next generation artificial intelligence to transform satellite optical and radar data, UAV, drone and ground survey data into commercially valuable information, which can be instantly consumed by end users, data brokers, market places, geospatial data publishers and imagery aggregators.

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Our vision

To be the leading Data Refinery Service Provider to the earth observation industry and customers in the natural resources sector.

Making rich earth observation data accessible as a new valuable source of decision making into natural assets and our changing environment.

Providing the most qualified and accurate insights into changing land use, forestry and agriculture for global brands in energy, retail, insurance, government, assurance and a partner ecosystem across the UAV, drone, satellite and decision support providers. Achieved with unparalleled efficiency and generating actionable insights for use by partners & clients to more effectively manage their natural resource assets.

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The Team

Peter Young 2 colour.jpg
Peter Young 

Peter Young has been involved in leading high-tech industries in Aerospace, Space and Defence for over 30 years. He was CEO for seven years of Telespazio VEGA, one of the UK's leading space services companies and concurrently, senior vice president, based in Rome, for the Satellite Systems business unit of the parent company, Telespazio Sp.A Peter is also a member of the Scottish space leadership council

Matt Tyburski 2 colour.jpg
Matt Tyburski 
Chief Scientist and Founder

Matt is an interdisciplinary geospatial data scientist. He has a PhD, LLM, MSc and BA. He has 10 years' post- PhD experience originating data science concepts in the private sector as well as leading on data science systems development at Johns Hopkins and within the U.S. Federal Government.

Paul McCaffrey 1 colour.jpg
Paul McCaffrey 
Financial Controller

Paul provides financial management, planning and operational controls to the business, based on his extensive professional experience as a Chartered Accountant specialising in early stage businesses.

Mark Howie 1 colour.jpg
Mark Howie 
Chief Engineer

Mark has over 20 years' experience in software engineering, stretching from working in the field to leading multi-disciplinary teams in a market -focused environment. At GSI, Mark's focus is to support the leadership team in driving development of product strategy through the smart application of technologies and agile methodologies.

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 18.24.14.png
Martin Milnes
Senior Research Consultant

Martin is an expert technical consultant in earth observations, optimising the performance of GSI's algorithms for each contract and ensuring process efficiency. He brings experience of space, defence and Government sectors.

Stuart MacCallum 1 colour.jpg
Stuart MacCallum
Principal Remote
Sensing Specialist

Stuart is responsible for bringing a unique insight into the best earth observation tools and datasets to enhance GSI's product portfolio. With 18 years in the industry and a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences, Stuart will work closely with GSI's sales team to ensure clients are provided with rapid and reliable analytics for satelite data.

We utilise geospatial analytics to provide the deepest insights imaginable into natural asset inventories and changing land use.

Want to learn how we can help your business or organisation?

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