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It supports over 1 billion people’s livelihoods.

By 2050,  crop production will need to double to satisfy increased food demand from a growing population.

To feed the world responsibly (and in a sustainable manner), there needs to be constant monitoring and yield improvement at the  global level.

GSI deep insights are used for:

  • Plant and tree species classification

  • Proof of harvest

  • Yield analysis

  • Outlier detection in yield insurance fraud

  • Track change in land use

  • Owners changing land use from crops to treed

  • Crops that have been harvested

  • Determine crop species and plant schedule

  • Crop yield forecasting

We provide the most qualified and accurate insights into changing land use, forestry and agriculture for global brands in energy, retail, insurance, government, assurance and a partner ecosystem across the UAV, drone, satellite and decision support providers.

We utilise geospatial analytics to provide the deepest insights imaginable into natural asset inventories and changing land use.

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