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3 examples

of why you need GSI for Energy

Measure biomass and carbon stock for offsetting

Land classification and value analytics for infrastructure planning

Disruptive wind turbulence  insights for optimized turbine output

Land classification and value analytics for infrastructure planning

Discover changes in land use which could impact critical infrastructure. 


We hear regularly from energy companies who discover that buildings or other structures have been erected in areas that have a critical impact on infrastructure and asset performance.

With conventional monitoring systems unable to solve these critical problems, GSI can supply near real-time alerts and insights into changing land use that will mitigate these critical issues.

Measure biomass and carbon stock for offsetting

Screenshot 2019-06-25 at 10.31.06.png

GSI’s ForestNow  platform continuously measures forest inventory attributes such as biomass, basal area,  trees per acre, tree volume and height anywhere in the world.

Energy companies and partners use GSI’s analytics to provide input to carbon offsetting exercises.

Disruptive wind turbulence insights for optimised turbine output

Wind turbulence over turbine blades can reduce revenue streams due to lower energy production levels.


It can also increase maintenance and downtime costs due to excessive drive-train wear  from imbalances caused by turbulence.

GSI’s Ethos IaaS platform powered by its AI and neural networks technology continuously measures tree height and location using open satellite data.


Wind farm operators can apply the results to their computational fluid dynamics – CFD –modelling systems to minimise topographical energy yield prediction (P50) uncertainties.

We utilise geospatial analytics to provide the deepest insights imaginable into natural asset inventories and changing land use.

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