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Forest Intelligence


A unique forest management information system

Forest Intelligence from space





Best value investments in

Forest Property and

Carbon Opportunities.

Quantify in-stand forest volumes

and Carbon stocks.

Monitor ongoing forestry

operations and support optimal

harvest operations.

 What can ForestNow measure?

Handdrawn Circle Logo-5.png

Tree Height

Handdrawn Circle Logo-4.png

Forest species

Handdrawn Circle Logo-2.png
wood Handdrawn Circle Logo.png

Tree Density


Handdrawn Circle Logo.png

Tree DBH

Handdrawn Circle Logo-1.png

Carbon content and merchantable volume

 What can a ForestNow data map tell you?


Satellite map

Forest intelligence from space

Darker green areas

Indicating other tree species

Highlight key tree species

County wide data

Forest intelligence now

Up to date and timely data

Purple pixels

Indicate specific tree species E.g-Western Juniper

What is produced from the berries of the Western Juniper tree which can live over a thousand years ?

Do you know?

Tom Collins on the Dance Floor

Gin is made from juniper berries (plus neutral agricultural alcohol).

More recently  distilleries have been popping up in central Oregon that produce gin from locally picked juniper berries.

Tree species and metric maps


Showing lead species by pixel


  • Tree species composition at 10m raster resolution for full species profile for any area within the US.

  • Accuracies of up to 95% at an individual pixel-level.

  • This product is available without the need of supplemental training data

How many years does the Sugar Maple tree live?

Do you know?

trees n-1.png

The Sugar Maple tree lives between 300-400 years but the oldest sugar maple in North America is thought to be 500 years old.

What are the uses of Balsam fir essential oil?

Do you know?


The essential oil created from Balsam has many uses :

Along with providing support for healthy lungs, balsam fir essential oil can also help reduce unwanted muscle spasms and manage minor pain and inflammation.

What is birch sap traditionally used as?

Do you know?


Birch sap is a traditional drink in Northern America,Europe,Russia and Northern China.Birch sap is also used to make birch syrup-which can be used as an alternative to maple syrup for pancakes and waffles.

Sample ForestNow maps

Timber Dbh

Tree atrributes

thumbnail_timber DBH.png
thumbnail_Tree Attributes.png


  • Full wall-to-wall coverage of area based tree-metric data such as average height, DBH, density, and volume.

  • Go beyond a simple stand level estimate by gaining within-stand perspective.

  • Localized reference data such as plots or previous inventory data depending on the level of accuracy required may be needed.


  • Expanded insight into the area-based tree-metric data by drilling down into a treelist format to give users a complete tree size profile.

  • This treelist format can be summarize by existing stand, strata or parcel boundaries.

  • New boundaries can also be manually drawn or auto-delineated based on species and area-based metrics in the two products listed above

Mix and Match for Customized Solutions

GSI products can be requisitioned individually or combined to meet your specific forest inventory needs for a fully customized solution. Solutions can be further   tailored by using additional patented GSI analytics to squeeze out the maximum value from your data to inform key business decisions.

Examples of client specific use-cases:

wood  design.png

Map out available wood supply within a specific haul distance of a processing facility, regardless of the land ownership..

Mill Wood
Timber Logs

Pre-lay out harvest blocks more efficiently by having species composition, volume and tree-size distribution data, resulting in much reduced field costs and maximized ROI.

truck n.png

Effectively plan the flow of wood from harvest blocks to mills based on each facility’s unique wood specification and demand of timber size and species.


Real estate Due diligence and Property Intelligence


✓Real-Estate Due Diligence and Property Search:

Evaluate hundreds of properties by having access to up-to-date forest inventory at cost effective state-wide coverage. Determine the current value of standing timber on any given property and/or validate a seller’s inventory by getting near-real time harvest updates

Discover best value investments in land,

Measuring the merchantable volume to discover  the best harvest opportunties

  • ForestNow data map shows areas of high volume and low volume.

  • The brighter coloured pixels seen indicate the areas of higher merchantable volume.

  • Accurate and timely data.

  • Merchantable volume indicates the areas that may be ready to harvest.

  • ForestNow gives clients the forest intelligence they need to know to make better informed business decisions.


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