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Forestry makes up 30% of world’s land surface,

covering 4 billion hectares

and is a strategic global asset.

The forestry sector contributes over $116 billion value add annually to the global economy and is 

the greatest carbon repository in the world.

Accurate and timely forest inventory data is key for economic decision making.

Traditional inventory calculation methods are prohibitively expensive resulting in the majority of forest inventories being out of date.

forest inventory, classification, health, forecasting

tracking spread of pest, disease and fire

continuous measurement of vegetation

tracking vegetation encroachment on critical infrastructure

land cover classification and change

change detection

natural assets Investment due diligence

Disrupting the traditional

forest inventory model


Sentinel 10m x 10m resolution

Optical Imagery


Radar Data

Radar Imagery


Provides height and slope data

Lidar Imagery

Ground Survey

Provides complete inventory data

Ground Survey Imagery
Composite Imagery

GSI combines the Sentinel data with Ground survey and/or LiDAR data to train its AI platform... correctly recognise and extrapolate what lies within the master GSI information asset.



Tree height

Species Classification

Track pest, fire & disease

Ongoing monitoring

GSI has created a truly disruptive inventory management solution that reduces data costs by a factor of 30 and resulting deliverables timing

by a factor of 30.

Inventory Survey Methods

Cost multiple per land unit


due to costs and complexity







5 yearly



  • Increase number of decision making touch points by several orders of magnitude

  • Expand forestry coverage for total asset valuation and management

  • Improve capacity to apply timely change management  for optimal asset utilisation

  • Expand ability to respond to topical issues to monitor and safeguard asset value

We utilise geospatial analytics to provide the deepest insights imaginable into natural asset inventories and changing land use.

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