GSI 2020 Internship Programme


Building on our successful 2019 internship programme, we are running it again in 2020 with the potential for full-time employment. In 2019, we had four interns from March through September. They secured full-time employment on graduation within GSI and other employers, won class prizes for their dissertation and Copernicus Masters awards.


This will ideally suit someone who is looking to split their time between a full time academic course and gain experience in a relevant business. There are few opportunities in Edinburgh to gain real commercial exposure of this kind within a SME and time spent at GSI will accelerate the career ambitions of any student looking to kickstart their career. There has never been such an intense demand for information about the discovery, availability and measurement of rapidly depleting natural resources.

GSI's Internship Programme links into our recruitment plan, to increase the team with full time permanent positions in September 2020.  This applies to the roles: Remote Sensing, Data Science / Data Engineer.

Iain Woodhouse, Professor of Applied Earth Observation, University of Edinburgh stated “It was a great opportunity for our students to get some experience of real world data analytics.  It allowed them to put into practice the skills they have been learning in the MSc Programme, and see it become something practical.  On top of that, it was a boost for their CVs and gave them an edge when it came to job hunting."

There are 4 part time intern roles being offered:

Digital Media Administrator Role

To assist with:

  • Marketing and creating awareness

  • Social Media / Twitter/ Linkedin

  • Website content and management

  • Market Research

  • Competitive landscape analysis


Remote Sensing Role

  • Experience processing multispectral satellite data

  • Scientific approach

  • Statistical analysis

  • Python Programming experience to a medium/research level

  • Hands on experience with geospatial data and GIS tools (e.g. QGIS, GDAL, ESRI)

  • Image processing experience

  • Practical problem solving

  • Technical Writing

  • Advantage to have knowledge of

    • ​Machine Learning

    • SAR data

    • Environmental Science

    • Ecology

    • Linux


Data Science / Data Engineer Role

The following are requirements of a data science role

  • Awareness of how to build scalable analytics pipelines using optimised libraries and data structures.

  • Understanding of various supervised and unsupervised learning approaches, their advantages and limitations.

  • Understanding of best practices for data setup, normalisation, and model configuration.

  • Experience working with image data (CIFAR, etc) and with time series data. Would be an advantage if it's remote sensing data or GIS. Please supply any evidence of past work/experience

  • Adherence to software development principles; version control with git, model deployment with docker, cloud computing (e.g. AWS).

  • Works within a disciplined Development team working to agreed timescales and schedules.

  • Linux experience

  • Advantageous to have knowledge of:

    • Geospatial data


Business Analyst

  • Knowledge of the Geo Industry – preferably internationally. Have a detailed core knowledge of EO data capture techniques and the attributes of commercially available and Open Source datasets

  • GSI Product testing and assist in quality control

  • Inside Sales support tasks and CRM administration

  • Research into vertical industries informing product strategy and proposal creation

  • Market research / sizing / governance / regulation revealing applications for GSI

  • Technological and business trend analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Commercial proposal support

  • Technical documentation and product specifications

  • Content creation for sales and marketing featuring on website and social media channels

The roles require: attention to detail, willingness to work as part of a team and be exposed to commercial technical and commercial deadlines. GSI is a customer-focused, commercial product and services-based company. We are a young ambitious company with a dynamic, fast moving and evolving ‘can do’ culture. Although the role will be managed by a full time manager, the role requires a degree of being a motivated, self-starter and prove from the start to have time management discipline.

GSI will negotiate the working hours and financial rates with each candidate.


For All APPLICATIONS, please email noting the Job Title in the subject header. Please note that any applications received after the closing date of 28th February 2020 will not be reviewed.

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