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Land Classification

Deepest Insights for better asset management decisions

Land Classification Chart

Land covers over 14 billion hectares of the planet.

GSI technology makes Earth Observation available for the first time to empower decision making for global asset managers.


Determine Image

By turning raw satellite imagery into business intelligence.

GSI can monitor land use on a continuous basis reporting percentage  changes for land use.

But free imagery may not always be up to date.

There's generally more than meets the eye.



Suppose you are commissioned to look for building activity in an area 50km south of Glasgow, Scotland.

The Google Map view shows no particular activity in the region.

The unique land classification algorithms developed by GSI

can highlight areas of construction activity.

Differentiating like this is powerful... but we can do even better.

We can look at the area in the circle in much more detail.

Knowing that change has occurred is not enough.

Hover over the image to see what GSI can identify.

GSI establishes an accurate model
of change that offers significant
advantages for the asset owner.

The default Google image shows no building activity, only fields and some forestry.

But the GSI processed layer is based on satellite imagery no more than 10 days old.

We show a much different picture

There is clearly evidence of buildings which do not show on the Google image.

Again, GSI can dive deeper and compute detailed land usage as a powerful decision-making tool for effective asset management.


Create Value

The GSI Artificial Intelligence engine goes further than simply highlighting differentiation.

Natural asset managers need to know what is happening – and what impact this is having on the value of their assets. GSI offers a detailed analysis in near real-time to establish the true impact of land change.

Detection is transformed into value

Analysis image

It computes the actual land usage for a wide variety of attributes.

In the highlighted blue zone, the relative size of land use attributes – including the buildings – are computed and listed giving the natural asset owner the most detailed and granular summary of land use available in near real time.

GSI can execute these analytics on-demand in near real-time

Creat Value


GSI offers a dual delivery path

for consumption of Land Classification Analytics

GSI Ethos

Ethos 1 image

API integration

Offering flexibility and ease of access to the deepest,

most granular classification available.

We utilise geospatial analytics to provide the deepest insights imaginable into natural asset inventories and changing land use.

Want to learn how we can help your business or organisation?

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