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Geo Business 2018 Conference

This week, GSI attended the GEO Business 2018 Conference in London- the geospatial event designed for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivery of geospatial information.

This conference had a strategic focus on the remarkable impact geospatial technologies and solutions are already having on our global environment. It was encouraging to see the increased adoption of LiDAR, remote sensing, mapping based applications, GPS and satellite positioning. These solutions can increase productivity and de-risking whilst reducing costs. The future of the geospatial industry is dynamic!

GSI is a leeding and uniquely focused data refinery company, with deep roots in environmental sciences, harnessing next generation artificial intelligence to transform satellite optical and radar data, LiDAR, UAV, drone and ground survey data into commercially valuable information. This information can be instantly consumed by end users, data brokers, market places, geospatial data publishers and imagery aggregators.

The GEO Business 2018 conference addressed the role that the geospatial business has to play in maximising the digital economy by asking; How will geospatial analytics enable economic growth? What is the value to UK plc? Where does the future of geospatial lie?

Check our website and read about how GSI geospatial solutions are enabling change in society and helping grow the digital economy.

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