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GSI Announce 2020 Internship Programme

Edinburgh based Global Surface Intelligence (GSI’s) mission is to discover, assess, evaluate and measure the world’s increasingly pressured natural resources for asset owners, investors and buyers in near real-time enabling better informed decision making. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

The development of this information requires a special type of scientist/engineer who can demonstrate, not only technical excellence, but who has a unique mix of curiosity, talent, passion and enthusiasm.

Last year GSI developed its GSI Intern Camp, where the company invited several ambitious and talented young masters students to join them as part of their final year M.Sc. programs.

The objectives were to offer high potential students the opportunity to experience working in a real-life commercial business rather than a purely academic environment, to have them work with clients and understand their needs and requirements, to benefit from their work output and potentially transform the Intern status to full employment.

Find out more about GSI's 2020 opportunities here:

The first cohort completed its mission at GSI and we are extremely proud of them and their valuable contribution to the company and they have all gone on to work within their chosen field.

Freddie Hunter studied at the University of Edinburgh and was awarded an M.Sc. in Earth Observation. During the summer of 2019 he worked as an intern in the GSI intern programme and became involved in many different aspects of life in a commercial analytics business. Following his graduation GSI were delighted to offer Freddie a permanent position as a Remote Sensing Specialist and he joined the company on a full-time basis in September

“My time at GSI as an intern was greatly rewarding and interesting. I found GSI to be very welcoming and somewhere that everyone has a voice.

There is great value in gaining understanding of the commercial side of Earth observation data, especially from a small, fast-moving and innovative company such as GSI.

I was surprised by the variety of clients who had interests in an Earth observation solution to their problems, which helped me to appreciate the role geospatial analytics companies, like GSI, can play in moving our global economy foreword to become more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

An internship with GSI is a brilliant opportunity to advance your technical skills and to apply Earth observation knowledge to real world problems.”

Freddie subsequently went on to win the class prize for his dissertation and publish an article for the Journal of Remote Sensing showing how time series imagery from multi-spectral instruments can produce results of equivalent classification accuracy as those produced using hyper-spectral imagery. These results are directly relevant to the remote sensing industry as well as to academia.

Find the full article here –

Iain Woodhouse, Professor of Applied Earth Observation, University of Edinburgh commented “It was a great opportunity for our students to get some experience of real world data analytics. It allowed them to put into practice the skills they have been learning in the MSc Programme, and see it become something practical. On top of that, it was a boost for their CVs and gave them an edge when it came to job hunting."


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