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GSI Appoints Peter Young as CEO

Global Surface Intelligence Appoints Peter Young as CEO

Global Surface Intelligence (GSI) the leading provider of commercial solutions for sustainable forests, land management and carbon offsets today announced the appointment of Peter Young as the new CEO.

Peter has been working with GSI since 2018 as Non-Executive Director, Chairman from mid-2019 and interim CEO since late 2020. He has built up a considerable knowledge of the company, its customers and markets over that period and is ideally placed to take the company through its next stage of growth.

Peter has built a reputation as a leader across high-tech industries based on over 35 years’ experience in the Space, Aerospace and Defence sectors. Prior to joining GSI, was for 8 years, the UK CEO for Telespazio VEGA, one of the UK’s largest space services companies and was concurrently Senior Vice President of Telespazio SpA’s Systems and Operations Business Line based in Rome.

Since leaving Telespazio, Peter has built a portfolio of industry positions in the Scottish space industry including co-founding the Scottish Space Leadership Council (SSLC) in 2016. He is deeply engaged by the challenge of how satellite data and analytics can be used to realistically support the increasing number of climate action and sustainability initiatives. He was appointed a Lay Member of Court at Strathclyde University in 2019.

Lynne Ross, GSI Chairperson, said: “We are very pleased that Peter has accepted the position as CEO. We believe a combination of his extensive leadership experience, detailed understanding of our industry and his recent close involvement with the company will be hugely valuable for our company moving forward. His focus will be on driving the business development, sales and partnerships opportunities in our rapidly developing markets.”


About GSI:

GSI specialise in forestry, land and carbon, creating unique commercially valuable management in-formation to drive sustainable outcomes.

With deep roots in environmental sciences, we harness next-generation artificial intelligence to transform satellite optical and radar data, UAV, drone and ground surveys into valuable solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our innovative combinations of data sources and artificial intelligence enable us to go beyond the straightforward classification of natural assets, providing highly accurate solutions for forestry, land management and carbon offsetting across the world.

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For more information, please visit Alternatively, Amy Kerr - or via telephone +44(0)790 952 3004.


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