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GSI named as a company to watch in 2018 the DataSpace 2018

Global Surface Intelligence (GSI) was delighted to be named as one of the ‘Ones2Watch’ at the recent DataSpace 2018 conference.

The prestigious event took place at the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) in Glasgow on February 1 and 2, featuring 80, data-related companies from 17 countries.

Space-enabled data is an increasingly important means of observing our planet, offering solutions to help better the lives of millions of people as well as creating new business and scientific opportunities.

A key aim of the conference – and GSI’s attendance at it – was to help raise awareness of the commercial opportunities we’ve creating through the democratisation of space, providing a platform for companies, investors, policy makers.

"We’re proud to have been selected as one of the next generation businesses using this technology and pleased at the profile it gives us among delegates drawn from a broad spectrum of global academia, government and industries across many sectors, including forestry, wind energy, agriculture & aquaculture and many more."

Commented Gavin Tweedie, the GSI CEO


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