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Intelligence for the Sustainable Growth of the gEOthermal sector in Kenya

During the week of world humanitarian day, Omanos Analytics and  Global Surface Intelligence  (GSI) are delighted to announce the launch of gEOthermalKenya: Earth Observation Insights for Sustainable Growth of the Kenyan Geothermal Sector. Supported by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, gEOthermal Kenya is one of 10 new pioneering UK space projects that will tackle development problems worldwide.

About the International Partnership Programme (IPP)

The UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme (IPP) is a five-year, £30 million per year initiative designed to utilise the UK space sector’s research and innovation strengths to deliver measurable and sustainable economic, societal and/or environmental benefits to developing countries.

The Omanos & GSI Alliance

The teams in Glasgow and Edinburgh will be working with the Kenyan National Environment Management Authority to characterise and monitor land-use around current and prospective geothermal power plants.

The goal of the project is to support the socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable growth of the Kenyan geothermal sector.  

The project will be combining information from communities on the ground with satellite and other geospatial data to help Omanos, GSI - the Kenyan government - better understand the impact of geothermal power plants on the environment and on the lives of the local communities over time. That improved monitoring capacity can be used to support the Kenyan government to ensure compliance and respect for environmental and community rights, so that everyone is benefiting from investment in geothermal power.

About Omanos Analytics

Omanos Analytics, based in Glasgow’s Fairfield Govan Heritage Centre, specialises in synthesising community inputs with satellite data analysis to create accessible data products.

Celia Davies, Director, Omanos Analytics, said:

“We founded Omanos because we wanted to make space data more accessible and useful to communities around the world, and we’re absolutely delighted to have the UKSA’s support for this mission through gEOthermal Kenya. We’re proud to be representing the Scottish space industry together with GSI.”

About GSI

Edinburgh-based GSI specialises in the creation of natural resource intelligence derived from machine learning and satellite data.

GSI CEO Gavin Tweedie said:

“Our work with Omanos highlights the reach and impact we can now have globally, enabling climate-positive action and promoting more sustainable use of land and resources, while being mindful of potential impact on communities.

For example. GSI has now measured over 100 million hectares of natural resources across the globe in things like forest and soil carbon resource availability and sustainable food supply chains. Omanos interprets GSI’s natural resource intelligence to highlight additional environmental and social impacts, such as infringements on human rights, or biodiversity. It’s amazing to see creative SMEs in Scotland forming alliances to achieve global reach and impact.”

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micah kamau
micah kamau
2020년 8월 29일

good networking and inspiration work to promote wind power and agriculture in kenya

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