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Mentoring for the future

"A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained" Shawn Hitchcock

5 Reasons why a mentor is a must

1. Mentors offer invaluable information and knowledge

A mentor who is an expert in his field can be a great source to tap into. Ultimately having a mentor can broaden your learning experience and provide key knowledge that can be taken forward in your studies.

2. Mentors can be connectors

Having a mentor with links to your chosen industry can be a great way for you to meet new contacts and offer a chance to network.

3. Mentors can offer a different perspective

Mentors can help you look at problems and situations from a different viewpoint-helping you make better decisions.

4. Mentors can give you a competitive edge

Having a mentor can give you a competitive edge in your studies. For example by making use of the resources they provide.

5. Mentors can offer guidance and advice

Whether its career advice or advice on your studies, mentors can offer guidance on what career path may be suitable. Or perhaps draw on their own experiences in the industry to offer valuable advice.

Mentor Programme at GSI

In addition to hiring interns into GSI, the management team are also actively involved in mentoring students from other areas of study.

For example, CEO Gavin Tweedie advised Douglas Brown, a Napier University Honours student - about the challenges and opportunities in growing SMEs. We were pleased to note that Douglas secured a First and the highest score in his year for the submission based on GSI.

Speaking about his experience, Douglas reported;

“I wanted to let you know that the information you provided for our project on GSI helped us achieve the top mark in our year. This module was instrumental in helping me achieve a first in my overall degree. I am now going on to study my masters at Heriot-Watt in Real Estate Investment.”

Alexey, GSI’s senior data scientist, also assisted talented Strathclyde University student, David Smith develop his Landcover classification project for his masters dissertation. David affirmed that he gained valuable insights into the Landcover product being developed at GSI and he went on to secure an ESA Bootcamp prize with some of his team mates.

GSI’s chief engineer, Mark Howie is enthusiastic about the outcome of this first cohort of interns and is looking forward to the next group of interns joining the team on the 2020 programme.

“GSI are committed to developing the skills needed to respond to the increasing demand for our products and service. By offering talented young scientists and engineers the opportunity to work with us, they can see first-hand what real-life business demands are and get a feel for where they would like to take their career.”

How to get involved

If you would you like to join the team at GSI to further your involvement while continuing with your studies or are looking to have a mentor please review our website where we have details of the vacancies available at this time. We also have our new internships listed on the website- to find out more information on these simply click on the link-


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