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Geospatial technology born of a deep scientific knowledge of how to transform data into value


Satellite Data

Ground Survey

Drone Data

Ground Survey Data

Data refinery

DataMart Data Ingestion

Geospatial Processing

Clean Noise Reduction

A.I. and Machine Learning

Actionable Database


data refinery

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GSI Platform

GSI Insights Deliverables

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API Integration

Refining and re-purposing data for more informed decision making.


On its own, crude oil is of limited utility. It needs to be refined, treated and mixed before being transformed into one of the many different products we take for granted, like gasoline, heating oil, chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals. It's hard to do, complicated and requires investment and deep sector know-how and expertise.

Raw satellite data works the same way

on its own, it has limited use until it is refined

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GSI has created a powerful data refinery that treats raw satellite data with powerful algorithms by mixing it with a variety of other data-sets. By using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, we produce a wide range of highly usable insights that can be critical for effective decision making for optimised natural asset management. Creating a digital refinery is equally hard to do; it requires deep scientific know-how of how data can be transformed into value. GSI has what it takes to do just this.

Applied Geospatial Analytics

GSI maps the changing behaviour of the world’s resources.

Our AI and machine learning based technology uses patented algorithms to establish changes in land assets and transform big data into the deepest insights available for optimised asset management.

Advanced Analytical Solutions Platform

Advanced, interactive AI-as-a-service platform, offering on-the-fly analytical solutions for critical issues.  From global influences to local insights, the GSI portal is a powerful decision making tool.


Multilayer Analytics to Solve Complex Solutions

Big data requires powerful solutions to resolve complex global issues. GSI technology integrates multiple data layers such as UAV, LiDAR and multi-spectral satellite imagery with meteorological, topographical, machine data and deduces large, complex solutions with the highest levels of confidence.

API Integration for Ease of Data Transfer

Many companies possess digital platforms that can easily display the deliverables from GSI, and others may wish to personalise the analytics for their own needs. GSI offers a comprehensive API package to facilitate the transfer of data between systems.


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Clever Programming for Faster Results

Unique programming processes have increased the computing power of the GSI AI and machine learning engines. Clever programming combined with some of the most powerful super-computing resources available results in fast, accurate and relevant analytics.

A Portfolio of Valuable Patents

A wide-ranging portfolio of valuable intellectual property reflects the commitment GSI has made to the development of advanced AI solutions for the geospatial analytic sector.

In Depth Know-How

GSI was created from the need to extract relevant data from the immense amount of geospatial data available and convert it into actionable insights quickly, accurately and repeatedly. The management team have deep-rooted knowledge of geospatial data management and of the advanced software techniques and processes needed to produce and scale the solutions.

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