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Global Surface Intelligence

Over the past decade, technology has led to an exponential growth in the amount of data being produced. The opportunity to capitalise on 'big data' is changing the way businesses operate and the way we live our lives.

At Global Surface Intelligence ('GSi') we have developed a very powerful software platform which provides 'big data' predictive analytics of satellite and other data. We call this the GSi-Platform and using it, we can now observe our planet, in new ways and on new scales.

The GSi-Platform allows you to process and analyse large amounts of data without incurring the cost of developing or maintaining, in-house big data software systems. This gives you the ability to cost-effectively solve real business problems, in new ways and make better informed decisions - with confidence.

GSi uses machine learning and predictive analytics and the software sits on one of the world's largest super computers.


GSi-Timber is a completely novel solution that was designed to reduce the costs of monitoring forest assets even over large or remote areas. It provides data on timber volumes and other vegetational attributes with annual and historical data back to 2001.

The solution can also monitor forest degradation which enables forest managers to react quicker to help protect vulnerable assets and maximise returns.

GSi-Timber provides a unique ‘big data’ approach which processes and analyses; hundreds of thousands of remote sensing images, millions of ground survey plots, and multiple soil and topographic variables. This enables GSi-Timber to provide an on-going time series analysis which irons out changes in seasonal or climatic events.


GSi-Carbon reduces the monitoring, reporting and verification costs for forest carbon projects such as REDD+. It is the only solution that can monitor both deforestation and forest degradation globally and annually.

The solution is unique, it uses a big data time series analytical approach with historical data back to 2001. No other solution can cost effectively monitor changes in forest carbon stocks annually or over large or remote areas. It has been described by one client as the “Holy Grail for Monitoring Forest Degradation”.

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A highly innovative and cost effective method to measure soil carbon stocks for climate smart agriculture and national monitoring programmes.


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