Global Surface Intelligence

Growers in forestry and farming need to have an accurate picture of how their assets are performing at all times. Because trees and crops grow at different rates and can be affected by external factors, including disease and natural disasters, it’s not possible to predict how they will change over time.

Global Surface Intelligence (GSI) offers a bespoke, responsive survey system, using satellites and uniquely developed algorithms, to gather essential data in real time for all agricultural sectors.

Forest Inventory


Commercial forests employ millions of people around the world, sustaining entire communities and providing a valuable natural resource to thousands of vital industries.

They are also valuable investment commodities for insurers, banks and pension funds.

In order to satisfy all of these markets, growers need accurate, real-time information about the value of their timber stocks if they are to make important and properly informed commercial decisions one, five or ten years down the line.

Traditional methods of analysing forests include the use of ‘boots on the ground’ to physically count trees as well as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar), a remote-sensing method where fixed wing aircraft fly over an area and collect data, using laser scans.

Both methods are essential to provide the local knowledge and the first-hand accountability necessary for an accurate inventory analysis but they can be time consuming and expensive.

GSI complements those methods by combining results from them with our patented algorithm and machine-learning technique to produce data more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy than has previously been possible.

Yield Forecasting

GSI has developed a satellite remote derived forecasting system that integrates financial forecasting with artificial intelligence.  The system predicts end of year  yield for forests, pasture and crops such as rice, corn & sugar cane and has the capability to provide daily refreshing on the forecasts.

Special Projects

Have you got a complex earth observation problem or masses of data and need to get some information from it?

From plant species classification to climate change impact on crop yields, our team of Data scientists , super-fast algorithms and access to one of the largest supercomputers  in Europe are available to help. We will set up a dedicated team for you to get the answers you need. Using our machine learning software to calculate a range of required characteristics for the client’s area(s) of interest.

Some Important Statistics

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